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Simko Seating School Chair Angelite

Simko Seating Products School Chair Angelite
Simko Seating Products  School Chair Angelite
Simko Seating Products
Simko Seating Products

School Chair Angelite

Product Information

Introducing the School Chair Angelite, a versatile seating solution designed for educational environments. This chair features a beautifully crafted wooden seat and backrest, providing a touch of elegance and natural warmth to any classroom or lecture hall. The wooden construction not only adds aesthetic appeal but also offers durability and sturdiness, ensuring reliable support for students throughout their learning journey. The ergonomic design of the School Chair Angelite promotes proper posture and comfort, encouraging healthy sitting habits for extended periods of study and engagement. With its contoured seat and backrest, this chair provides optimal support and encourages active sitting, fostering an environment conducive to focused learning. The School Chair Angelite seamlessly blends functionality and style, making it suitable for various educational settings, including schools, universities, and training centers. Create a welcoming and inspiring learning atmosphere with the School Chair Angelite, where students can experience both comfort and aesthetic pleasure while pursuing their academic endeavors.


Technical Drawing

Technical Information

  • Seat and back can be optionally varnished.
  • Optionally, weight-centered closing or fixed seats can be made.
  • It is produced with workmanship and materials in European standards.
  • Ergonomically designed to enable students to focus.

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