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Simko Seating Foyer Seat Bean Bag

Simko Seating Products Foyer Seat Bean Bag
Simko Seating Products  Foyer Seat Bean Bag

Foyer Seat Bean Bag

Product Information

Embark on a journey of whimsical comfort with the Foyer Seat Bean Bag. This extraordinary seating solution defies convention and invites you to embrace relaxation in its most playful form. Immerse yourself in its cloud-like cushioning, as it molds to your body for a truly personalized seating experience. The Foyer Seat Bean Bag is a vibrant and versatile addition to your foyer, offering a delightful spot to unwind and rejuvenate. Its bold and eye-catching design adds a pop of color and character to any space, making it an instant focal point. Welcome your guests to a world of comfort and creativity with the Foyer Seat Bean Bag, where seating becomes an adventure in itself.


Technical Drawing

Technical Information

  • The seat and back parts of the seats can be covered with fabric or artificial leather upholstery according to expectations.
  • Ergonomically designed and offers a comfort suitable for long-term sitting.
  • Different color options are available to match your space.
  • Our products are manufactured using fire retardant materials and comply with safety standards.

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